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Who doesn’t love the odor of heat gingerbread cookies baking within the oven?? Effectively now you possibly can have the identical comforting aroma on this gingerbread physique scrub. It’s versatile, nice for pores and skin, and smells superb!

Tip: A home made scrub makes for a considerate DIY Christmas gift! These might be packaged in cute jars with a ribbon or tag connected that features the components or a notice. A big jar of sugar scrub is pretty cheap to make and a smaller jar makes a terrific stocking stuffer.

Exfoliate With a Gingerbread Physique Scrub

We lose a surprising 30,000-40,000 skin cells each hour, or about 1,000,000 a day. Utilizing a sugar scrub can assist the method alongside for more healthy pores and skin.

The sugar helps exfoliate pores and skin to disclose a wholesome, clean layer beneath. There are a whole lot of variations on the market, however a primary sugar scrub recipe incorporates oil and sugar. This gingerbread physique scrub not solely nixes any questionable components, nevertheless it incorporates pores and skin meals to deliver on a wholesome glow.

Superfood Molasses

Most gingerbread sugar scrubs depend on brown sugar to get their exfoliating texture and yummy scent. Brown sugar is principally refined sugar with a number of the molasses added again in. This recipe although makes use of natural cane sugar and molasses individually.

In case you’re in a rush and don’t have any blackstrap molasses, then common natural will even work.

Ginger: The Spice of Life

This recipe makes use of cinnamon and ginger together with molasses to get that iconic gingerbread scent. Each of those herbs are rubefacient, which is a elaborate phrase which means they stimulate circulation to the pores and skin. A 2018 article within the Journal of Conventional and Complementary Medication, stories on cinnamon’s antioxidant energy.

Researchers identified how fragrant spices, like cinnamon, are potent antioxidants. These antioxidants struggle free radical harm as they heat the physique.

Extra circulation means extra life-giving vitamins delivered within the blood cells. Cinnamon and ginger may have a protecting impact towards sure cancers, based on a 2016 article in Vitamin, Spices for Prevention and Remedy and Cancers.


This recipe doesn’t have any animal components in it so it’s already vegan. In case you make it for somebody who’s strict although, then make sure to use vegan cane sugar. Some sugar is whitened with charred animal bones. Most natural cane sugars are vegan.

Tip for Making a Nice DIY Sugar Scrub

Natural unrefined sugar is much less dangerous to ingest than extremely processed sugar. Nevertheless, many unrefined sugars are coarse and might be too harsh for some pores and skin, particularly on the face. Since we’re not consuming it, this is likely one of the few occasions I’m comfortable with a extra refined sugar.

You’ll need to discover the best grind natural cane sugar you possibly can, like evaporated cane juice. Even then, I wouldn’t advocate utilizing this gingerbread physique scrub on the face. The cinnamon and ginger might be too irritating on extra delicate pores and skin.

DIY ginger sugar scrub


Gingerbread Physique Scrub

This recipe makes sufficient for an 8 ounce jar. Double or triple if desired for presents.


To make a whipped gingerbread physique scrub use the whisk attachment of a mixer to mix the sugar and coconut oil. Whip till flufffy after which add the remainder of the components.

Different DIY Physique Scrubs to Attempt

Not bought on the gingerbread physique scrub concept or need to develop your scrub palette? Listed below are some extra yummy sugar scrub concepts!

Have you ever ever made physique scrub from components in your kitchen? What’s your favourite?

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