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Study Reveals Why Weighted Blankets Decrease Insomnia Severity

New research provides absolute proof that weighted blankets aid in reducing the ill effects of insomnia.

Researchers in Sweden have found that Weighted Blankets are a safe and effective treatment for insomnia. The study shows how the sleep of people suffering from depression improved after using them to combat their symptoms such as reduced anxiety, increased feelings of well-being, better quality sleep at night with less daytime fatigue.

Findings of the randomised controlled trial show participants with insomnia severity were significantly more likely to report reduced symptoms after being exposed to a weighted blanket for four weeks – 26 times so in fact. The participants were also able to get better sleep during the night without worrying about waking up halfway through their slumber due solely to restlessness which is much more common among those who have insomnia.

Furthermore, the researchers report that the study’s positive results continued to be maintained during an open follow-up phase of 12 months.

It is suggested that using a “chain blanket” could be the key to getting better sleep. In this 12-month, open follow-up phase of research, positive results were maintained, and people who used it at night experienced calming effects while they slept. The evidence for these benefits is how well it stimulates pressure points on your body – similar to acupressure and massage therapy. This means if someone has trouble sleeping or dealing with stress, then buying one might not only improve their health but also save them money because there’s no need for frequent therapist visits.

Scientists claim that the chain blanket may have a calming effect on humans. Study results revealed positive effects during an open follow-up phase of the study. One explanation for this is pressure applied to various points in your body – similar to acupressure or massage. This deep pressure stimulates arousal by the parasympathetic nervous system while reducing sympathetic nerve response, which could be considered as being responsible for increased calmness due to these sensations.

The sample size included 120 people diagnosed with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder or generalised anxiety, and having clinically diagnosable insomnia that lasted six months or more at their initial assessment point between September 2009 and December 2011. The mean self-reported sleep duration was 3 hours on weekdays (i.e., time spent asleep averaged across days) but 7 to 8 hours per night during weekends; this translates into sleeping almost 12 fewer waking hours each weekday when compared to other periods in life where they reported no difficulty falling asleep.

A recent study found that people who used Weighted Blankets saw an average decrease of 50% in their insomnia severity index (ISI) scores after four weeks. This was compared to a control group with only 5.4%. Nearly 60% of the weighted blanket users had positive responses, meaning they went from having severe or very severe symptoms at baseline levels to not meeting any criteria for illness during the trial period because they were free from all significant sleep-related daytime consequences such as impaired functioning and mood problems like anxiety and depression.

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