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Scarborough: Are We Positive ‘Full-Blown Loopy’ Trump Does not Drink?

Somebody dies after years of alcohol abuse. His youthful brother having witnessed this, is well-known to not drink. If that youthful brother does one thing you discover odd, would it not be humorous to joke concerning the chance that, denials however, the youthful brother does certainly drink? After all not. It could be exploiting a household tragedy for a tasteless joke.

Fred Trump Jr. died younger in 1981 of alcohol dependancy. But Joe Scarborough, a person consumed with hatred of Donald Trump, was prepared to stoop that low for amusing on at the moment’s Morning Joe

MSNBC confirmed video of President Trump holding alive the likelihood that he shall be declared the winner of the election. He says that if Congress would not amend the COVID aid invoice as per his request, the following administration should ship aid, and “possibly that administration shall be me.”

As a result of Scarborough discovered this “full-blown loopy,” he joked, a smirk on his face [see screencap]:

“Are we positive? Are we positive, he would not drink? I imply, I perceive: his brother. Yeah, his brother drank and so he did not. We have heard that.”

A bit later, Scarborough in contrast President Trump to Otis, the city drunk on the “Andy Griffith Present.”

Joe Scarborough: ghoul.

Scarborough mentioned that if Trump had proposed the $2,000 checks earlier than the election, he might have gained—significantly if he had additionally taken Scarborough’s recommendation to talk completely concerning the economic system.

This has change into a near-daily ritual on Morning Joe, the countless, fact-less hypothesis about what comes subsequent for Trump. He is likely to be abusing alcohol. He would possibly urge voters to write him in for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. He would possibly try to pardon himself. He would possibly sell national-security secrets to our enemies. 

And so they name this a “information” community? 

Scarborough’s ghoulish joke about President Trump consuming was sponsored partially by Amazon, Jeep, and Shark Vacuums. Contact them on the Conservatives Struggle Back-links to allow them to know what you consider their sponsorship of Scarborough turning a Trump household tragedy into an affordable joke. 

This is the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:00 am ET

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I’m asking Congress to amend this invoice and enhance the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000, or $4,000 for a pair. I’m additionally asking Congress to right away do away with the wasteful and pointless gadgets from this laws. And to ship me an appropriate invoice, or else the following administration should ship a Covid aid bundle, and possibly that administration shall be me. And we are going to get it finished.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Within the immortal phrases of Abraham Lincoln, that administration shall be me. Are we positive? Are we positive he doesn’t drink? I imply, I perceive —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That might be a aid.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah. His brother drank, and so he didn’t. We’ve heard that. However man, he’s obtained to be on one thing. Trigger it’s simply full-blown loopy, Mika.


SCARBOROUGH: As a result of right here’s the factor! Like, should you’re going to say that, and I’m sorry to even attempt to recommend a logical sequencing to the loopy issues he does. However should you’re going to say that, should you’re going to take that place, take it earlier than the election. 

And with this election as shut as it’s, a whole lot of Democrats are even saying, if he had supported like a $1,200, or $1,500, I imply, he might have gained the election! 

. . . 

And now, you have obtained the Republicans lastly on the market, your personal workforce, they’re  lastly on the market, they lastly caught their neck on the market, they’ve lastly finished a deal, and this man comes tottering in like Otis on — was Otis the drunk on “Andy Griffith present,” the one which stored getting out of the —

MIKA: Liked him. Alex, in fact, is aware of.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, I feel it was Otis. He’s bumbling round up there like Otis, and Barney Fife, like, has let him out of his cell. And it is simply an absolute mess for these poor, poor Republicans [mocks getting choked-up in sympathy]. Who might have ever seen this coming within the final weeks of his presidency? Mitch McConnell?

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