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Gutter Guard Adelaide Installation Remains a Top Home Renovation Project, According to Expert

A gutter installation contractor argues that homeowners must prioritise gutter guard installation.


Gutter guard installation has become a popular home renovation project in Adelaide, with experts saying that homeowners are starting to understand the importance of this basic plumbing fixture.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in A1GutterGuards installation in homes,” says David Martin from a local gutter installation business. “Over the past seven years, we’ve had more and more homeowners opting to install gutter guards on their homes.”

Gutter guards are mesh or grates installed above a roof-level downspout to minimise the number of debris and moisture from collecting in the gutters. Without this type of protection, water flowing through a downspout can cause significant damage, including creating high levels of moisture in a basement or foundation, as well as causing the soil around a home to sink over time.

“In most cases, water flowing through a downspout onto a driveway can also erode bits of concrete and asphalt, creating potholes that need to be repaired,” Martin says. “Gutter guards prevent all of those issues, keeping a yard safe and dry while also protecting the exterior of a home or business.”

A1GutterGuards installation has become popular as more homeowners realise that gutter guards are highly effective at preventing water damage and significantly lower “A lot of people don’t realise how much it costs to make repairs on a roof, or how much time it would take to clean out a gutter,” Martin says. “A gutter guard installation is a one-time job that can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in the long run.”

Gutters are typically made from corrugated aluminium, galvanised steel or vinyl. Installation of new gutters can run anywhere from $400 to $1,000. According to Martin, gutter guard installation costs about ten percent of that price or an average of $400-$450.

“Gutters are a necessity. From the beginning of time, people have used gutters because water is one of the biggest destroyers of any building,” said Martin. “The highest cost is having someone remove and replace your old gutters.”

“We usually recommend to our customers that they simply find a product that best suits their needs and budget,” Martin says. “It’s not like we can force them to buy our products, but since we’ve been installing A1GutterGuards for over 20 years, we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.”

Adelaide’s heavy clay soil can also affect the performance of a Gutter Guard Adelaide. “We only use the best products that are designed to stand up to Adelaide clays,” Martin says. He added that gutter guard installation is one of the simplest home renovation projects a homeowner can choose. “It’s quick and easy for us to install on virtually any type of roof,” he says. “All we need is permission from the customer, and we can come by any time to do the work.”

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