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Experts Reveal the Common Mistakes in Artificial Grass Adelaide and How to Avoid Them

It may seem easy and straightforward to install artificial grass but committing the common mistakes could ruin anyones experience.

Installing artificial grass Adelaide is relatively easy to the point that even inexperienced homeowners can do it. Nonetheless, therell never be any substitute for good preparation and hard work. While you may already be all set to put in some intensive effort, experts warn that the silliest mistakes could result in total failure and a waste of money and energy. 

The best way to ensure the success of synthetic turf installation is by learning the common mistakes to avoid making them effectively.

Uneven Ground

Youll need to make sure that the underlying surface is even and clear before installing your turf. If you dont remove the noticeable bumps or imperfections from the ground, it will stand out once the artificial grass has been laid over. Unevenly installed surfaces are an eyesore with uneven patches of green, often causing tripping and falling hazards for everyone, including kids and pets. 

Improper Excavation

Some people mistakenly assume that all they need to do to install the artificial grass is get rid of the natural lawn. In reality, theres much more involved than just removing it; for example, excavation needs to be thorough and require uprooting the existing turf and digging out at least four inches below the finished height of the garden. If you suspect drainage issues with your area where you plan to install artificial grass, make sure your excavations are a minimum four-inch deep.

Experts insist that the installation process must get rid of any root or weed infestation from an area before laying down the artificial grass Adelaide. If not done correctly, this can lead to problems later when trying to maintain good drainage.

Undermining the Value of a Weed Barrier

Many homeowners have found themselves having to deal with weeds and natural grass growing beneath their artificial turf. These issues can happen no matter how careful the homeowner is about preparing the surface for installing a new lawn, but that doesnt mean theyre helpless in dealing with them. Installing the weed barrier will help keep these pesky plants from spreading under your fake grass, giving it the necessary protection against future growth.

Lack of Drainage

Taking a few precautions can help you avoid drainage issues. Installing artificial grass is not an excuse to skimp on the work of laying down the proper foundation for your lawn first. If you dont, waterlogged areas could cause more problems than just mildew and mould in certain climates. The best way to keep this from happening is by digging out at least one inch deeper before installing sand and concrete. Ensure any underground cables are clear of the ground level, so they wont interfere with how runoff moves through your yard when it rains or snows heavily in the cold months.

Wrong Installation

Artificial grass comes in two different shades, with one side appearing darker than the other. While there is no right or wrong to which side should be laid facing up, you need to maintain consistency when making your choice. Not being careful about which way youre keeping things can lead to unpleasant light and dark patches on the ground.

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