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CAUGHT: Jake Tapper LIED About Urging GOP Pal Sean Parnell to Run in ‘Safer R District’

On Sunday, Breitbart reported that CNN host Jake Tapper tried to persuade his Republican buddy Sean Parnell to run in a distinct congressional district in Pennsylvania than the seventeenth, the place freshman Democrat Conor Lamb is operating. Tapper denied it on Sunday with a single “Nope” to Trump adviser Richard Grenell. 

On Thursday, Fox Information media reporter Brian Flood confirmed that Tapper’s denial was not correct, it didn’t compute: 

Fox Information obtained a Twitter direct message that Tapper despatched Parnell’s @SeanParnellUSA account on Nov. 8, 2019, after he formally declared his candidacy for Pennsylvania’s seventeenth congressional district in opposition to Democrat Rep. Lamb.

“And better of luck in your race. For the document, I wasn’t attempting to speak you out of operating — I used to be attempting to speak you into operating in a safer R district! Lol,” Tapper wrote to Parnell.

Tapper is not responding to requests for remark. The one means Tapper can attempt to declare this isn’t a bald-faced lie is by enjoying semantics. He didn’t “ask” Parnell to not run in opposition to Lamb, whereas he was attempting to “discuss him out” of operating in Lamb’s district. Would Tapper purchase this line from a Republican on his present? 

CNN: Providing you with bananas after they say they’re supplying you with Reality Apples. 

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